Whether you have 5 employees or 5,000 employees, work in the public or private sector, are a new business or an established one, there are a variety of labor and employment laws that govern your company. Knowing how best to comply with these laws can be challenging, yet the ramifications of failing to do so can be costly.

We understand that the nuances of Labor and Employment Law create a proverbial legal minefield for today’s employers. That is why the Farrell Law Group places such a high premium on preventive strategies and positive solutions to safely guide. We are available around the clock to work diligently with our clients to devise and implement policies and procedures that promote positive employee relations and limit disputes.

The Farrell Law Group has significant experience in handling difficult issues such as wage & hour compliance, performance management & discipline, disability management, returning employees to work, protected leaves of absence, reductions in force, protecting trade secrets, and more. Our advice and counseling practice may include:

  • Employment agreements, commission arrangements, offer letters & arbitration agreements
  • Employee discipline, coaching, counseling and performance management
  • Employee handbook development and review
  • Wage & hour audits
  • Employment law compliance audits
  • Reasonable accommodation analysis & Interactive Process guidance
  • Confidentiality & non-disclosure agreements
  • Layoff analysis and separation agreements
  • Termination risk analysis
  • Litigation risk assessment

Whatever your need, we are here to help your business minimize the risk of employment litigation through effective prevention programs.